Anne Vermilye
Educational Achievements

* Owner and founder of Bio Excel Essential Oil Therapeutics, 2001-2015
* Owner and founder of Aromatherapy Global Institute, 2004-2015
* Private, Complimentary Medical Practice, 1992-present
* Past resident at the Zen Mountain Monastery, Mount Tremper, NY. Summer 2015
* Attended American Academy for Anti-Aging Medical Conferences (A4M), American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), Ortho-Molecular Medicine Conferences and Functional medicine Conferences, 1998-2013
* Consultant to doctors regarding essential oil use and infectious diseases, and hypnotherapy to resolve old trauma and uncover the root causes of disease.
* National Institutes of Health (NIH) study on her formula killing SARS and proving it is 100% non-toxic, 2005
*Original Scientific Publication, essential oils killing pathogenic bacteria, including MRSA, Published Winter 2003, “Journal of the American Naturopathic Association” (JANA)
*Anne received her Masters in the Science of Aromatherapy at the “The Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy”, San Rafael, CA., 1996
*She graduated with over 750 hours of massage therapy training from “Alive and Well”, Institute of Conscious Body Work in Mill Valley, CA., 1992-93
* “The Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute”, Santa Rosa, CA is where Anne received her Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, 1993 and is accredited by the “American Council of Hypnotherapist Examiners” as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, since 1993.
* Trained in Breath-work and Holotropic Breathing, “Alive and Well, Institute of Conscious Bodywork”, and Stanislov Groff Methods, CA. 1992-1995
*Volunteered at Marin General Hospital and at their Cancer Care Center, as a massage therapist, stress manager and introduced Aromatherapy and Reiki into their Cancer Care Center, Greenbrae, CA., 1992-1995
*Studied Nutrition and Psychology at the College of Marin, Kentfield, CA.,1991-1993.
*Became a Certified Reiki Master with Nina Bolen, Reiki Master, Forest Knolls, CA.,1993
I have been training Reiki Practitioners and teaching various workshops since 1994.
*Studied various types of Meditation and Energy Channeling Techniques of India, in New York, Brazil, California, 1984-1999
*Resident Student in a Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhist Monastery, “Dai Bosatsu”, Catskill Mountains, N.Y. 1986-88 and teaches meditation.
*Attended Berkley University, California, Intensive Language Program, 1986, studied the Portuguese language.
*Studied Amazon Indian Healing Techniques in Brazil. 1985
*Studied Metaphysics since 1979.
*An organic gardener and health food chef, 1982-present
*Anne Vermilye is fluent in Portuguese and lived in Salvador, Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brazil. Spanish is easy for her to communicate with, but not quite fluently.

Her work has been published numerous times and she has been featured on various radio and television programs. See her on “Healing Quest” a holistic healthcare series, seen on PBS. Her publications include “Alternative Medicine Magazine”, March 2000,Nov.-Dec. 2002, January 2002, “Alternative Medicine- The Definitive Guide”, Alternative Medicine Books: Alternative Medicine and Arthritis”, and “Alternative Medicine and Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Environmental Illness”, by Alternative Medicine Books, Tiburon, CA. “Infection Protection”, by Drs’ Ronald Klatz and Robert Goldman. “East Meets West, Medicine and Essential oils” and “Essential Oils and Antiviral Agents, by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt. Anne Vermilye, is one of the featured authors in “Infection Protection”, published by Harper Collin Press and written by Dr. Robert Goldman, Chairman of the “American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine” and “American Sports Association”, and Dr. Ronald Klatz, president of the “American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine”. She has been the key-note speaker at the “Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, Scientific Symposium”, twice, The Laytonville Botanical Festival, CA. and has taught at the “School of Botanical Medicine”, Santa Cruz, CA.

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